About Us


But nothing about Coconut Cartel is ordinary. We started this hustle in 2012 by smuggling coconuts from an island off the coast of El Salvador to some of the best hotels and restaurants in South Florida. Yes, you read that right, smuggling coconuts. We loaded a suitcase full of coconuts, hopped on a plane to Miami and became known as the Coconut Cartel.

Dani & Mike Zig, AKA "The Zigs"

Over many years, The Zig siblings expanded their coconut smuggling ring, eventually building a small empire serving boozy coconut cocktails to Miami’s elite and celebrities like Drake, Prince Harry, Martha Stewart and more. Those boozy coconuts would become the inspiration for their next expansion: premium rum.

Danielle “La Jefa” is the brains behind the operation. Before the age of 30, she grew our small coconut operation into an international spirits company.

Mike is the connector. Having grown up between Central America and Miami, he spent the better part of 20 years exploring every inch of Guatemala and El Salvador. His curiosity and connections led him to develop the relationships that have given us exclusive access to a reserve of the world’s finest añejo rums, and of course, our delicious coconut supply.

Together with our syndicate of Farmers, Distillers and Smugglers, we create and distribute products that showcase the world’s most mysterious terroir. We believe Central America is a treasure trove of flavors and culture worth exploring, and we’re excited to share it with you.

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