Coconut Cartel is grade A 100% pure Guatemalan añejo rum cut to proof with fresh coconut water, ladies and gentlemen…top shelf…the good stuff. With unrivaled access to a reserve of exquisite aged rum and thousands of acres of coconut farmland, we bring you the finest imports from Central America. 

Coconut Cartel

Añejo Rum

Aged in new, charred American white oak barrels for 4 to 12 years, and cut to 80 proof with freshly harvested coconut water.

This blend features tropical aromas of fresh coconut with hints of banana, mango and vanilla. Upon tasting, notes of plantain, caramel, sandalwood and burnt brown sugar come forward with of course coconut making a subtle appearance alongside a flint of minerality and a touch of saltiness from the coconut water. Be warned, this is not a sweet rum, as you might think.

Coconut Cartel is best enjoyed neat or on the rocks.   
Add a unique dimension to classic rum or whiskey cocktails. 

No artificial flavors or added coloring.  
1g of carbohydrates per serving